Lawn Care Professionals

a.k.a. “The GrassMasters”

What really makes our lawn service stand out is the relationship we have with our customers. From our GrassMasters to the phone support, you’ll experience the best customer service in lawn care. Talk to us while we’re on your property or call us/e-mail us any time. You will always get a prompt, friendly and helpful response.

Meet the Clean Air Lawn Care Boston – Lawn Care Professionals

Mark DeStefano, Manager of Operations

Mark has over 11 years experience in the landscaping industry. Mark grew up on the north shore of Boston and resided there until the age of 29. Over the next eighteen years, Mark lived in Annapolis MD., Pittsburgh PA., and Ridgefield CT.

He returned to the Boston area in 2015 to assist his ailing mother in many capacities of her life. Mark is an experienced professional with 30+ years in management, communications, team building and developing customer relationships. Mark enjoys being active outdoors hiking, playing golf, and spending time with his family and friends.

Clean Air Lawn Care is also proud to be NOFA Accredited.

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