Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn Care Professionals Boston

a.k.a. “The GrassMasters”

Toby and Derek Briggs are Boston locals, bringing their landscape knowledge and experience to Clean Air Lawn Care Boston. Toby brings wide-ranging management experience to the business, from past roles including local landscape companies and a stint with Google. Derek has worked with his brother in a landscaping business in the past, and the two are excited to team up again, to bring clean, quiet lawn care to Boston.

Clean Air Lawn Care Boston is a full-service, sustainable lawn care company. Using solar panels to power all equipment, coupled with organic treatments and fertilizers, Toby and Derek care for their clients’ lawns in the cleanest, safest, quietest way possible. The fertilizers they use are chemical-free and are safe for the entire family, pets included.

The Briggs brothers are determined to do what he can to help the air quality in his community, while making his hometown a little prettier, one lawn at a time.

What really makes our lawn service stand out is the relationship we have with our customers. From our GrassMasters to the phone support, you’ll experience the best customer service in lawn care. Talk to us while we’re on your property or call us/e-mail us any time. You will always get a prompt, friendly and helpful response.

Clean Air Lawn Care is proud to be NOFA Accredited.

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