Composting: Good For Your Garden, Good For Your Lawn, Good For You

By now, society as a whole understands the importance of recycling materials and how it can help the environment. However, most don’t realize that you can take your recycling efforts to a whole new level with composting. Composting your unwanted food scraps and yard trimmings is a great way to upcycle your waste and turn […]

How to Naturally Prevent Crabgrass from Taking Over Your Lawn

As homeowners, it is our hope that when our lawns and yards are in full bloom, we can admire them for their lovely abundant flowers, shrubs and brightly green-hued turf. However, the ever-so-annoying weed can make an unwelcomed appearance and disrupt the idyllic yard we’ve worked so hard for. Specifically, crabgrass is one of the […]

How To Improve Your Lawn’ s Health By Adopting These Simple Mowing Practices

Most people would be surprised to find out that mowing your lawn a certain way can significantly impact the lawn’s health. Perhaps you think the way in which you fertilize the lawn has the sole power to determine its health? This is not entirely the case. Proper mowing can either make or break your lawn, literally […]

Just How Bad For You is Lawn Care Noise Pollution?

Picture this, you grab a copy of your favorite magazine and head out to your porch to unwind after a long day at work. The sounds of birds chirping and kids laughing make it an enjoyable evening. That is until your neighbor’s lawn mower disrupts the idyllic neighborhood environment. Chances are this has happened to […]

Spring Lawn Care: How To Properly Awaken Your Lawn From Its Winter Slumber

When Spring comes around, neighborhoods become more green and less white. Chances are you might be eager to start your spring cleanup once the snow melts. However, don’t rush to the yard work just yet. Awakening your lawn the proper way will ensure that your lawn will be lush and viable for the upcoming season. […]

Dog and Pet Friendly Organic Lawn Care

Dogs love grass. They love rolling in it, playing on it, even snacking on it. That’s why it’s important to use an organic fertilizer that’s dog/pet friendly. Chemical Fertilizers are Really Bad for Dogs and Pets Chemical fertilizers and herbicides pose health risks to dogs and pets that are actually posted right on the labels! Poison hotlines around the country receive […]

What Does A Frigid Winter Mean For Your Lawn?

Many people think that their lawns die in the winter. Did all the hard work in prepping your lawn for winter go un-noticed? If you live in New England, or any region that gets below freezing, you might notice your grass turns a shade of brown. While green grass is synonymous with being healthy, brown […]

Is Your Lawn Accelerating Climate Change?

Climate change is a legitimate concern the world is facing. While there are natural causes of climate change, the burning of fossil fuels is the biggest man-made factor we as a society need to solve. Some negative effects of climate change include higher temperatures, rising sea levels, melting of the world’s ice caps, weather-related disasters […]

The Many Benefits of an Organic Lawn Care Service

An Organic Lawn Care Service in Westford, MA that’s Naturally Reviving Lawns One Mow at a Time Do you worry about keeping your family healthy, while at the same time creating a beautiful home for them to live in? At Clean Air Lawn Care Boston, we understand you need both. That’s why we established a […]