How To Improve Your Lawn’ s Health By Adopting These Simple Mowing Practices

Tips for Mowing a Healthy LawnMost people would be surprised to find out that mowing your lawn a certain way can significantly impact the lawn’s health.

Perhaps you think the way in which you fertilize the lawn has the sole power to determine its health? This is not entirely the case. Proper mowing can either make or break your lawn, literally speaking.

Here are 5 simple habits you should adopt as lawn stewards to ensure your lawn continues to grow healthy for years to come.

Sharpen Your Blades For An Ideal Cut

While the type of mower might not necessarily matter, the sharpness of its blade does. A dull blade can tear the grass and leave it unhealthy. Grass blades should have a clean cut on the tip.

If you find that your grass looks frayed and starts to turn a brownish yellow, it is time to sharpen your blade. Frayed grass is left vulnerable to sun damage and disease and often looks dull.

A good rule of thumb is to sharpen your blade once per season.

Does Mowing Height Really Matter?

Depending on your region’s growing season, you should always place your cutting deck to the correct corresponding height before mowing.

During the summer months, it is best to have a higher cutting deck to allow grass to grow longer. Taller grass aides in shading the soil, which helps prevent weeds and can withstand droughts better.

When your lawn season comes to an end and you can sense it will be the last mow, lower your cutting deck height. Cutting with a lowered deck with help prevent snow mold from forming on the grass.

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Remember, Dry Grass Is Best

While mowing wet grass isn’t necessarily bad, it just doesn’t produce the finest results. While mowing wet grass, often times the grass will clog mowers and large clumps are left behind on your lawn. These piles of wet grass can kill your healthy blades of grass if left ignored.

Perhaps your grass feels dry? You should always check the soil to uncover the true determination of the grass. Avoid mowing on damp soil as well. You increase the risk of pulling up the grass and leaving wheel marks on the lawn.

Save Time And Money With Grasscycling

Did you know allowing grass clippings to lie on your lawn after cutting can help your lawn? The grass clippings can provide up to 25% of your lawn’s fertilizer! Not only do you save time since you no longer need to rake up the clippings or empty your mowers bag, but it also saves you money on fertilizer.

The trick is to mow frequently. If you don’t, the longer grass will still need to be raked so it doesn’t pile up on your lawn. This also includes wet grass clumps.

You want grass clippings to lay flat on your lawn, not pile up into stacks. Always remove clumps of grass.

Change Direction Frequently

Chances are if you are a creature of habit, you might mow your lawn in the same direction each time. While some habits are good, you should alternate your mowing pattern each time you mow your lawn.

When you mow in the same direction, you can expose the soil to compaction and can create ruts. Compacted soil and ruts can lead to grass that is less healthy and prone to weeds. Get creative with new patterns each time you mow.

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A healthy lawn is something most homeowners strive for. Remember these simple tips for the next time you get behind your lawn mower. Your lawn will thank you for it.

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– Article written by Joy Adamonis –

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