Just How Bad For You is Lawn Care Noise Pollution?

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Picture this, you grab a copy of your favorite magazine and head out to your porch to unwind after a long day at work. The sounds of birds chirping and kids laughing make it an enjoyable evening. That is until your neighbor’s lawn mower disrupts the idyllic neighborhood environment. Chances are this has happened to you or perhaps you are the one pushing that “ever-so-loud” mower. Good news!  There are ways that you can still have a gorgeous lawn and enjoy the soundscape that Mother Nature intended.

Do Decibels Really Matter?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ambient residential noise should not exceed 55 decibels between 7am-10pm or 45 decibels from 10pm-7am. Once the traditional mowers start (88-94 decibels), and the weed whackers chime in (94-96 decibels) and finally the leaf blowers join (95-105 decibels), the peace is all but shattered. Kenneth Feith, an Environmental Protection Agency senior scientist and adviser says that continuous exposure to 75 to 80 decibels may lead to hearing loss, and that noise above 80 decibels poses serious hearing problems.

Noise Pollution Poses Health Risks

The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit whose goal is to raise awareness on noise pollution. They have found that noise pollution can cause adverse health effects in addition to hearing loss.

  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep loss
  • Trigger migraines
  • Decreased energy level
  • Overall lower quality of life

It’s no wonder the Latin meaning of the word noise loosely translates to “nausea”. Noise pollution is not just an annoyance, it is a cause for concern that needs to be taken seriously.

The World Health Organization recommends limiting your exposure to noises 85 decibels and above to only 15 minutes per day. When mowing yourself, make sure to wear ear protection in the form of industrial earplugs or noise canceling headphones. Blasting the volume to your favorite song on your iPhone in hopes of drowning out the motor noise does not count. You are only adding onto the second-hand noise pollution you are consuming already.

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Tips On How You Can Protect The Soundscape

Did you know a typical gas powered mower can be heard a quarter mile away? That alone is enough to disrupt the soundscape, without adding the barrage of other power tools to the mix. There are ways to reduce the amount of noise pollution you create while caring for your lawn.

As consumers, we can purchase quieter lawn care equipment and power tools such as electric mowers. Electric mowers produce less noise pollution, are more reliable and require less maintenance. If you prefer to have a landscaper do the work, you can hire a company that uses environmentally friendly methods.

Instead of gas powered weed whackers, trimmers and leaf blowers, opt for their electric counterparts. Or better yet, try using hand clippers to trim hedges and push brooms to pick up extra clippings. Your gas bill will be less and you get a workout in while helping maintain the peace and quiet for your neighbors. Using quieter equipment such as these not only reduces the noise pollution, but it greatly benefits the environment.

The Market Is Changing For The Better

If you have been victim to the unwanted noise produced from certain lawn care equipment, there is good news on the horizon. The lawn and garden marketplace is getting quieter and greener each year. Consumers are realizing the benefits of green lawn care and making choices to include them in their own homes. For example, the residents of Newton, MA are examining their options when it comes to lawn maintenance with a proposed ban on electric and gas leaf blowers.

While all this information may seem daunting at first, try to incorporate just one of the tips into your own lawn-care practices. Add some peace & quiet back into your life. Your neighbors, the environment and your own health will thank you.

Clean Air [Quiet] Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care - Saving the Bees
Clean Air Lawn Care services residential and commercial properties with electric equipment, which reduces air and noise pollution. Our electric equipment is charged by solar panels mounted on our trucks. This type of equipment reduces net emissions to zero and can reduce noise by 50%-75%.

As proof, some lawncare companies wouldn’t be caught anywhere near a home that supports a beehive, as their equipment would disrupt the bees. Using our electric powered equipment on a property in Bedford, MA we have no quarrels with mowing right up to the their hives. Their garden stays pollinated, their grass stays healthy and the bees stay happy!

BONUS: Download our free guide to achieving a naturally healthy lawn.

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– Article written by Joy Adamonis – writingjoy.com

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