Mosquito Control and Natural Tick Repellent

Mosquito Control Boston

Natural mosquito control is a great first step to enjoying your yard this season! Clean Air Lawn Care Boston offers on-going programs for naturally managing mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Instead of dousing your backyard in chemicals that are dangerous to you, children and pets, we use cedar oil, a proven organic pest control and repellant that’s natural, safe and an environmentally friendly.

Applying Cedar Oil to Naturally Repel Ticks and Control Mosquitoes

Tick and Mosquito Control Environmental Benefits


A Clean Air Lawn Care Boston Grassmaster spraying cedar oil as a natural and organic repellent to control ticks and mosquitoes in a customer’s yard.

As an organic pest control, cedar oil is a natural repellent for your yard that doesn’t harm anything but the mosquitoes and ticks themselves. No damaging vapors are released and no plant eating animals are poisoned. It’s a simple and effective organic solution to repelling ticks and controlling mosquitoes in your yard.

A Natural Repellent for a Healthy Lawn

Cedar oil is a well-known natural mosquito control and tick repellant. Derived from cedar trees, it comes free of links to birth defects, cancer and immune system disorders that chemical pesticides have been proven to cause.


Cedar Oil is Safe for the Whole Family

Other companies rely on dangerous chemicals to thwart mosquitoes and ticks, leaving you in danger of inhaling toxic fumes, even after the chemicals have dried. With Clean Air Lawn Care’s cedar oil treatment, everyone: humans, dogs, cats and children alike, are safe to play in a naturally healthy environment.

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