The Many Benefits of an Organic Lawn Care Service

An Organic Lawn Care Service in Westford, MA that’s Naturally Reviving Lawns One Mow at a Time

Organic Lawn Care Service Carlisle, MA - Clean Air Lawn Care Boston

Clean Air Lawn Care Customer in Carlisle, MA

Do you worry about keeping your family healthy, while at the same time creating a beautiful home for them to live in? At Clean Air Lawn Care Boston, we understand you need both. That’s why we established a new professional natural lawn care service based in Westford, MA. Our number one priority is to help take care of your lawn, by providing full-service organic lawn care for your home or business. If you live in a home, or own a business, in the surrounding Middlesex County communities, Clean Air Lawn Care Boston is here to help with all of your lawn care needs. We pair our organic lawn care program with sustainable mowing services. To help keep the community you live and work in as clean as possible, we use solar-powered electric mowers on small lawns and environmentally friendly biodiesel engines on larger ones.

Even though we’re new to your community, our organic and natural lawn care is not new. Hundreds of communities all over the U.S., just like yours, have used it for some time now, with guaranteed results. Clean Air Lawn Care’s natural lawn care ensures your lawn gets the nutrients it needs, while at the same time protecting your family from harsh and toxic chemicals and pollution.

The Benefits of an Organic Lawn Care Service are Numerous

Soil and Lawn/Grass Health

You don’t have to worry about damaging your lawn or soil when you use Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic lawn treatments. We supply your lawn and soil with the nutrients they need. Some microorganisms and fungi living in your yard are good, and we help keep those around. Over time, the soil we treat with our organic fertilizer helps your yard become more sustainable, and actually leads it to require less maintenance. Healthier soil also makes the roots stronger and more tolerant to surviving everything from extreme winters to blistering summers. Stronger grass also naturally helps deter weeds from growing and keeps invasive species out, without the need for chemicals.

Chemical pesticides, on the other hand, only work short-term. Organic lawn service makes your yard healthier for the long haul- think of it as building up your lawn’s immunity without compromising your family’s health.

Safe for Kids and Pets

Because organic lawn care is not bio-hazardous, it is safer for your family and pets to play in the yard and enjoy your home. You’ll never see a warning sign on your lawn or need to stay off our grass for up to 48 hours when Clean Air Lawn Care treats your yard organically. In fact, natural fertilizers are so safe, that you, your children, and your pets can run, sit, or even roll in the grass right after we finish.

While chemical fertilizers have been linked to such scary things as cancer, birth defects and even asthma, you won’t have to worry about coming in contact with dangerous chemicals with Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic treatment program. You can enjoy every inch of your yard with our natural lawn care.

Keep Groundwater and Waterways Clean

With traditional chemical treatments, you need to be concerned about not only damaging healthy soil in your yard, but also possibly polluting your groundwater or the waterways near your neighborhood. Chemical run-offs are common, and up to 60% of nitrogen found in chemical fertilizers has actually been found to seep into nearby ground or surface water. That’s led to all sorts of health-related issues when it comes to both people and animals.

When you use an organic lawn care program by Clean Air Lawn Care, though, we make sure the needed nutrients are absorbed into your yard. Not only can you expect a richer soil, but also you will not have to worry about your neighborhood’s groundwater being polluted by unnecessary chemicals.

Save Money with Organic Lawn Care

At Clean Air Lawn Care, our first priority is to help make your yard free of any chemical dependency. Once we get rid of all the pesticides, we help transform your yard and strengthen it to its fullest potential. When we do, you will find maintaining your beautiful yard to be less expensive over time. We’ll continue to apply a healthy and consistent organic care, but because your lawn is healthier, you can expect fewer and fewer problems to crop up. Instead, your lawn will begin to heal itself, when necessary, while continuing to grow fully and naturally.

Get Rid of Pests Naturally

Simply put, some underground organisms are beneficial for a healthy lawn. To help control pests in your yard, you want to keep the insects and microorganisms around that help promote a healthy yard, while driving the damaging ones out. The best way to do this is not with chemical treatments, but with an organic lawn service by Clean Air Lawn Care, which promotes a healthy mix. Chemical treatments actually kill worms and destroy other necessary organisms that make your lawn healthier.

A Naturally Beautiful Lawn that Lasts

The organic lawn care program provided by Clean Air Lawn Care will help bring out the natural beauty of your lawn, by ensuring it remains thick, green and lush for years to come.

Long term, the roots in your yard will become stronger, ensuring a better-looking grass above ground. Your lawn will also become less likely to succumb to diseases and pests, as it gets stronger. Your lawn will also be a safe environment for you and your family to enjoy whenever you want. As well, a more healthy soil base will essentially keep your grass healthy and save your family money. Although chemical fertilizers provide short-term gains, organic lawn services promote long term, and measurable benefits.

Request your free lawn care service estimate today and start enjoying the many benefits of organic lawn care.

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