Boston’s Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Treatment and Fertilization in Boston

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Boston

Clean Air Lawn Care’s goal is to create and maintain beautiful lawns using earth-friendly and family-healthy methods. Our lawn care treatment programs integrate the use of organic fertilizers, eco-friendly pre-emergent weed control, and micro-organism soil builders. Customize your treatment program with a la carte services from our localize option that allows us to cater to your local environmental factors and unique conditions specific to your lawn.

Organic Lawn Treatments That Are Safe & Healthy

Premium, Custom Organic Lawn Fertilizer in Boston

Feed your lawn the nutrients it needs, the natural way! Our eco-friendly treatment program features a custom blend of microbe-rich soil builder that promotes healthy, long lasting growth for your lawn. Caring for your lawn the way Mother Nature intended allows for less watering and overall maintenance.

Our Organic Treatment & Weed Control Program

Our 7 Step Treatment Program

This organic lawn care plan works hard to restore your lawn’s natural beauty. This is the next level in revitalizing your grass. You can have the most luscious lawn in your entire neighborhood!

Application Recommendations

  1. Granular
  2. Liquid Fertilizer or Granular
  3. Liquid Fertilizer
  4. Soil Builder
  5. Soil Builder
  6. Liquid Fertilizer
  7. Granular

Ask about eco-friendly weed control options!

A La Carte Organic Lawn Treatment Services

Clean Air Lawn Care’s treatment program in combination with correct mowing and watering practices, will create and maintain a beautiful lawn while respecting your family’s health as well as the environment.

  1. Soil testing
  2. Aeration
  3. Overseeding
  4. Pine straw & mulch installation
  5. Shrub/hedge trimming
  6. Small tree pruning/removal
  7. Compost application
  8. Herbicide spot spray weed control*
  9. Local organic pest control

Do you wish to learn more about how we are so effective with our organic lawn care practices? Visit the “Organic” section of our site!